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The Curvy Cook – Blog review

“…It was a perfect all around bite right through the bun into the crunchy, cool veg and beyond to the rich cheese and soft, succulent meat. SO GOOD. The fries and the onions rings were a perfect compliment, fried golden and crunchy. I was in heaven. Read the whole article here.

Lisa F. – Old Saybrook, CT

New to Connecticut–curious about the ‘steamed cheeseburger’, I had to stop in and place an order.  I must admit, I really liked it–definitely worth every penny…it is a big burger!!!!   Great staff–Food was delicious and filling…what more can you ask for.  I was impressed and I will be returning—Good Job!!!!

Dennis K. – Parsippany, NJ

Great food! Quick service. Kind staff. These folks work at K. LaMay’s because they like what they’re doing. I had s cheeseburger and hamburger with all the fixings (lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo, mustard, and a whole slice of onion), an order of onion rings, and a bottle birch beer. It was all good and I left happy.

Pauliette T. – Meriden, CT

If you want a steamed burger then Lamays is the place to go. Now Im not going to lie, when I was younger I was a fan of Teds. BUT, with that said, Teds has gone down over the years. When I heard that Kevin Lamays was “the kid” that worked at Teds I immediately knew where I was headed for my steamed burgers. The cheese is delicious and the size of the meat patty is twice that of teds! If you want a true steamed cheeseburger and a true New England tradition then K. Lamays is the place to go! You will not be disappointed!

Linda M. – Meriden, CT

I love K. LaMay’s steamed cheeseburgers.  They are flavorful, juicy, and just delicious.  If you want a good cheeseburger go and get one today.  They are the best and they always serve you with a smile!!  I visited the restaurant in Meriden and always get good service and good food!  Keep up the great work guys and gals!!

Stephen P. – Long Beach, CA

Born and raised eating Steamed Cheese burgers for 27 years strong. I’d have to say, This burger is the most authentic and original Steamer you could get now a days.  no contest ,   Bravo!!!

Ryan P. – Middlefield, CT

Great Burger. Great onion rings. Great price. Much better quality than the other steamed cheeseburger place in meriden. Customer service is awesome. I havent had them deliver yet. But the fact that they do is awesome. Being able to call ahead is great too. I havent been to the one in Middletown yet but the Meriden one is great.
Been there atleast once a week all summer. Keep up the good work Kevin.

Ernest F. – Wolcott, CT

The Middletown location is right on Main Street, Its a great place to grab a steamed cheeseburger. The food is always fresh,  burgers are huge and smothered in cheese. The staff is friendly. They have Foxon Park soda which a great way to support other local companies. If you want a change from greasy burgers, Its definetly worth a try.

Jackie N. – Unionville, CT

We had the first burgers out of the steamer in Middletown last night. It was an amazing experience.  Melted cheese to die for, juicy burgers – and the best service you could hope for.  We will make the drive and go back! Don’t miss this great new eatery on the main dag in Middletown!  (And a steamed burger is not only delicious but lower in calories – who can ask for more?)

Rick T. – North Fort Myers, FL

A former Meriden native now living in Florida for the past 21 years, I rolled up into Meriden on vacation October 2011, and of course, stopped in at Ted’s for one of those magical burgers I grew up on.  What a disappointment.  The soft roll fell apart and the cheese was boring.  Mediocre sums it up.  The magic was gone.

Then I heard about K. LaMays from local friends, and on day 2, I went to the East Main St store in Meriden.  Kevin has captured the esence of the original by using honest-to-God New York -style hard rolls from a New Haven bakery, and a wonderful bitingly sharp cheddar that stands up to an onion slice perfectly, just like Teddie’s used to be back in the day.  This is as it was and as it  should be.  I read some of the reviews where one guy complained about the cheese…all I can say is take your bland ass to Burger King, pal.  Kevin LaMay is doing the tradition of the steamed cheeseburger justice.  Carry on.

K. LaMay’s Steamed Cheeseburger’s is located in Meriden Connecticut. The Hamburger’s at K. LaMay’s are alway’s made with fresh ground beef, never frozen. The owner Kevin and his staff will welcome you with open arm’s and aim to put a smile on your face. Don’t let the long line’s scare you, they move fast and it’s worth the wait. Treat yourself to a great steamed cheeseburger, visit K. LaMay’s Steamed Cheeseburger’s soon!  –

Paul B. – Middletown, CT

Outstanding steamed cheesburgers. The cheese is the secret. Its sharp, and delicious. Way better than the cheap, tasteless stuff the other guys use. The onion rings are the best I’ve had also. Staff is super friendly, and ESPN is always on. Great place.

Brittany P. – Meriden, CT

Absolutely delicious!!! Blows Ted’s out of the water. They make their own cheese and it is so gooey and gritty and delicious. I always ask for it on my fries.

Matt K. – Lindenhurst, NY

Wow never had a steamed burger before! Small friendly restaurant good prices! if i wasnt from long island i would come again! Im glad i got off the I91 for this!
I got a double figuring a single would be small boy was i wrong…

Freesia S. – Meriden, CT

So I originally gave K. LaMay’s 4 stars because I was a dedicated fan to the original, but sometimes the reason a new alternative to an old favorite is different is because it includes improvements. That’s what I have to say about a K. LaMay’s burger.

While I am still a hometown believer in the original Ted’s and will crave it a number of times this summer, the fact that it’s being franchised is probably why the original location has lost some of its friendly hometown charm. K. LaMay’s – though I know they’re also opening a location in Middletown – keeps that hometown charm with friendly employees and an at-home feeling when you walk in. It slyly has a “theirs” metal tray and a larger “ours” plastic tray underneath the menu board, which makes me smile. There’s a great selection of sodas, chips and sides, including fries and really good onion rings.

The burger itself is really good. It’s big. The meat is cut when it’s taken out of the steamer so it covers the entire bottom bun, which is also huge, and there’s a ton of steamy cheddar that has a saltier, sharper flavor and grainier texture. Top it with some lettuce, tomato, onion, and the condiments I’m in the mood for that day, and I’ve got myself a quality steamed cheeseburger.

I’m not only a fan of the food but of the new location right next to Les’. The other day, my brother and I walked over from K. LaMay’s, dropped our burgers off in the car, grabbed some tasty frozen beverages from Les’, and wondered how many people do that a week. Probably a lot. And even then, probably not enough because it might be my new favorite thing to do this summer.